Beehive Botanicals Philosophy

Because Beehive Botanicals produces consumable dietary products, innovation has played a key role in keeping our products safe for consumers. Our company actively invests in the latest technologies, especially those used in the packaging process. Each of our millions of bottles rolling off our lines are securely sealed, wrapped and packaged in a controlled environment.

Each of our millions of bottles rolling off our lines are prepared in a controlled environment. To guarantee this level of security, we have installed the latest filling machines and packaging equipment at our facility. Beehive Botanicals has also utilized innovation to develop a controlled laboratory to sample and re-sample our products on a daily basis.

The rigorous demands of industry regulators are consistently met because we continue to invest annually in new equipment and methods for safe product handling. Having these latest technologies has also made it safer for machine operators – assuring our employees are afforded a high level of safety.

Beehive Botanicals ownership also cares for its employees in providing generous benefits, retirement plans and health care options of the highest standards. Even in the face of economic downturn, we continued to support our employees in providing the benefits they need – not just now, but into the future as all.